Dec 082016

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Dr Ed Hallowell and ADHD books

Dr. Ed Hallowell, Web,  Twitter,  Facebook,  Youtube has ADHD has written many books on ADHD, taught at Harvard Medical school and is also a great speaker who talks about the challenges AND the positives of ADHD.

Given the name of my first blog, Adult ADD Strengths, I appreciate his role as the pioneer of those who talk about the positives of ADHD, when many just see 99% pathology in us ADDers and not much else.

I recommend his books on ADHD to all my adult ADHD coaching clients and the members of my Vancouver Adult ADD Support Group.

Nov 132016

Here’s a draft proposal for your consideration. I’m an adult ADHD coach who has ADHD and runs the non-profit Vancouver Adult ADHD Support group and is on the board of CHADD Vancouver. Tell me what you think of these ideas in the comments at the end of this post.

We need to stop the discrimination and neglect of adults and children with ADHD in BC. While we have some excellent medical professional who learned about ADHD on their own time and dime, sadly there are too few medical professionals that are properly trained in diagnosing and treating ADHD in adults and children in BC.

Sep 232016

CADDAC ADHD Annual Conference in Vancouver, BC

Want to learn more about ADHD in adults, children & teens? Come to CADDAC’s 8th annual ADHD conference here in Vancouver. Tell your ADHD friends, doctors and teachers. Cross posted to Adult ADD Strengths.

CADDAC, Centre For ADHD Awareness annual Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder conference used to comes out west to Vancouver BC just once a decade. Now twice! Good sign. Their other annual ADHD conferences are in Toronto and Montreal. Check it out here.

Date: Saturday, November 12th & Sunday, November 13th, 2016

Location: BC Children’s Hospital, Chan Centre for Family Health Education 950 West 28th Avenue, Vancouver, British  Columbia

May 262016

Please tell BC Pharmacare and health minister Terry Lake why they should cover long-acting ADHD medications vs just the short acting ones. CADDAC, CADDRA and some BC Psychiatrists and doctors are organizing this.

Deadline is June 1st, 2016.

If you live in BC and have a family member with ADHD or have ADHD yourself and already know why this is important, have your say here now .

Scroll down to “Therapeutic Review of ADHD Drugs” and chose “Patient Questionnaire” or “Caregiver Questionnaire.” Please follow the instructions carefully.

You have ADHD? So being organized enough to remember to take medications 3 times a day will be easy, right?

If you are unsure why this is important, please read on.

Nov 092015

It’s no secret among parents with ADHD that many children with ADHD have social skills problems and have difficulty making friends. Have a look at some of the research that Dr. Amori Mikami’s Peer Relationships in Childhood Lab has done on ADHD children. They are also not afraid to have some fun:)

Dr. Amori Mikami and the researchers and clinicians at her Peer Relations in Childhood LabIf you’re the parent of an ADHD child age 6-11 in the Vancouver BC area or willing to travel to Vancouver whose child

has ADHD and should have some difficulty getting along with peers, making or keeping friends, or with social skills. Other children in the study are typically developing without these concerns.

Oct 132015

In conjunction with the BC Psychological Association and BC ADHD Awareness Week, The Vancouver Psychology Centre is proud to present therapist Dr. Noah Susswein Tuesday October 27th, 7-8pm. Community Room – Adler University (1090 West Georgia Street, Vancouver).

Dr. Noah Susswein photo

ADHD is best understood as a mismatch between a person and certain aspects of his or her environment. And there are many effective options for changing both individuals and environments to achieve a better fit between the two.

Oct 072015

The 4th annual BC ADHD Awareness Week posters are ready for you to download, print and use in your library or bookstore display or share elsewhere. We have the 8.5 x 11 and the 11 x 17 posters up now.

2015 BC-ADHD Awareness PosterPoster-8.5-x-11-For-Web

We also have on the same page:

Badge. For your website home page to let your patrons know when the week is on, link it to your events page listing the week.

The 5 minute Harvard Adult ADHD Screener test. Why? 90% of adults with ADHD are undiagnosed & untreated. Dr. Russell Barkley, Monitor on Psychology March 2012, page 70.

Aug 152015

Final BC ADHD Awareness Week 2014 Badge with URL
The fourth annual BC ADHD Awareness Week will be will be October 12-18th 2015.

The purpose of the week is to:

  • Raise awareness of ADHD in BC
  • Reduce stigma and misinformation on ADHD in adults and children
  • Show the economic and social costs of ignoring and stigmatizing ADHD
  • Provide factual information on ADHD
  • Encourage proper diagnosis and multimodal treatment of ADHD by trained professionals
  • Get more resources for diagnosis and treatment of ADHD in adults

Please help spread the word and we can always use volunteers to do tasks big and small in person, on the phone and online, since we have zero paid staff.

Jul 272015

Caddra Logo

The 11th Annual CADDRA (Canadian ADHD Resource Alliance) ADHD Conference will be held here in Vancouver BC Oct 16-18th 2015. Crossposted to BCADHD. Early bird pricing ends July 31st. Register here. Cross posted to Adult ADD Strengths

They will be doing this during the 2015 BC ADHD Awareness Week.

Tell Your Doctor Psychiatrist, Psychologist, teacher and social worker. Especially if they don’t know ADHD. They can lean and get CE’s and CME’s Continuing Medical Education Credits for it.

Other professionals and trainees should also attend.

Dec 042014

FYI: BC ADHD Awareness Week 2015 will be from October 12th to 18th. Want to help make it happen? 

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Final BC ADHD Awareness Week 2014 Badge with URL

Thanks to our volunteers for making this week happen.  Andrew, Barb, Chris, Christopher, Hazel, Jade, Jennifer, Kat, Maggie, Marc, and Paul. And thanks to Mike for his $500 donation which allowed us to print the posters and support group brochures and the adult ADHD screener test to metro Vancouver libraries and bookstores.

Also thanks to the members of the Vancouver Adult ADD Support Group who helped out with donations.