Oct 192013

Enjoyed our Vancouver Adult ADD Support Groups ADHD Awareness Week info table at Brighouse Library today in Richmond. Our 90% don’t know sign by Christopher Stanbury got a lot of attention, more than 90% of the Brighouse Library patrons seemed to at minimum look at it, if not read it, tell their family and friends to check it out, and some talked to us about it too.

Was helped by our well made & portable wood display stand by Robert Murray. Thanks to Jade Vajna & Yuanyuan Jiang for helping to staff the table and answer questions from the many library visitors we had who took our brochures, asked us questions and told us their stories on ADHD.

ADHD info table at brighouse library richmond adhd awareness week 2013 #3

Jade, Pete & Yuan

ADHD info table at brighouse library richmond adhd awareness week 2013 #2

Jade, Pete & Yuan

ADHD info table at brighouse library richmond adhd awareness week 2013 #1

Jade Pete & Robert

We were quite busy. Thanks to the Richmond Brighouse Library for hosting us and having their ADHD book display nearby. Very friendly and helpful Librarians. Very well organized and well merchandised Library, excellent signage and displays.

I got diagnosed with ADHD because many years ago I was in that same Brighouse Library in Richmond. Outside the Mac computer lab, I saw a CHADD Richmond (sadly now closed) ADHD book display with a poster of ADHD symptoms, a few books and some brochures. Read the poster and thought, boom, boom, boom, boom, wow that’s me.  Than I found someone who could do a diagnosis, got diagnosed with ADHD.

In 2003 I started a business helping adults with ADHD via ADHD Coaching, started The Vancouver Adult ADD Support Group, one adult ADHD website, one blog on ADHD and this is my 2nd blog on ADHD.

My Vancouver Adult ADD Support Group volunteers and our partners now have 76 ADHD books displays at Libraries and book stores throughout 23 cities in BC’s Lower Mainland.

So whoever in the early 90’s from CHADD Richmond helped put the materials together for that one ADHD book display in the Brighouse Library in Richmond with those symptoms of ADHD and the Librarians who created the display? Thank you.

Your work got amplified.

Thanks to Maggie J.H. Wang (CGD) who created our BC ADHD Awareness Week poster



for suggesting the location and helping us to get it booked.

We’ll be at the West End Community Center at 870 Denman Street, Vancouver,  See map Saturday October 19th 10am to 5pm  for another info table on ADHD Awareness Week. We’ll have brochures on ADHD and our 2 BC ADHD Support Groups and will be answering your questions

Pete Quily

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