Dec 012013

The next Vancouver Adult ADD support group meeting is Tuesday Dec 3rd, 6.30-8.30 at Ravensong Community Healthcare center 2450 Ontario st, Vancouver, BC

The topic is: How ADHD Helps You In Your Daily Life. The Positives of ADHD.

If you are willing to take notes on the meeting and email them to me, I’ll post them on the website for others to read.

What are some of positives of ADHD in your life and how does it help you?

Also, where do the negatives of ADHD to turn into positives? i.e. distractibility & impulsivity to creativity, restlessness to taking action, hyperactivity to unlimited energy etc.

Pete Quily

I've been coaching people like me, adults with ADHD since 2003 on 5 continents over the phone. I started and lead the Vancouver Adult ADD Support Group and am on the board of CHADD Vancouver Have a look at my 180+ page Adult ADHD website ADDCoach4u Even more Adult ADHD information on my 400+ post blog Adult ADD Strengths

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