Jul 302014

BC ADHD Awareness Week this year is October 14-20th 2014. Tuesday to Monday because of Thanksgiving holiday on the 13th.

The Vancouver Adult ADD Support Group volunteers, I and our partners created 80 BC ADHD Awareness Week activities in 23  BC cities in 2013. 

The largest number of 2013 ADHD Awareness events of any province in Canada or any state in the USA.

See some of the photos of our activities here.  Media coverage is here http://bcadhd.com/category/media-coverage/ ADHD-Awareness-Poster-8.5x111.jpgADHD-Awareness-Poster-8.5x111.jpg Here’s our poster from last year.

BC ADHD Awareness Week Poster 8.5 x 11 for Web.jpg

Here’s the list of our 2012 BC ADHD Awareness Week List of Activities.

Would you like to help join us in raising awareness of ADHD in BC this year?

If so please email me or give me a call 604-263-6997


Pete Quily Adult ADHD coach and activist and Vancouver Adult ADD Support Group leader.

Pete Quily

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  1. I feel sheepish for not being aware of this!

    Great work Pete & group volunteers!

    What can I do to help?

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