Oct 212014

We had a information table at the Brighouse Library in Richmond Friday October 17th for the third annual BC ADHD Awareness Week. Was the second time were were there, we were also there last year and had such a great response we did it again.

We answered Richmond Library patrons questions on ADHD and pointed them to resources, shared our handouts, showed our posters and showcased The Brighouse Libraries ADHD book display.

Thanks to Vancouver Adult ADD Support Group volunteers Andrew, Christopher and Jade in helping to staff the table with me and answer questions on ADHD.

I got diagnosed with ADHD because many years ago I was in that same Brighouse Library in Richmond. Outside the Mac computer lab, I saw a CHADD Richmond (sadly now closed) ADHD book display with a poster of ADHD symptoms, a few books and some brochures. Read the poster and thought, boom, boom, boom, boom, wow that’s me.  Than I found someone who could do a diagnosis, got diagnosed with ADHD.

Here are the photos.

Pete & Christopher

Jade & Christopher

90% don’t know sign by Christopher that gets a lot of attention by Richmond Brighouse Library patrons

Richmond Brighouse ADHD Book Display Friday

90% sign again plus Pete & Christopher

Pete Quily

I've been coaching people like me, adults with ADHD since 2003 on 5 continents over the phone. I started and lead the Vancouver Adult ADD Support Group http://www.addcoach4u.com/adultadd.html and am on the board of CHADD Vancouver http://www.vcn.bc.ca/chaddvan/index.html Have a look at my 180+ page Adult ADHD website ADDCoach4u http://www.addcoach4u.com Even more Adult ADHD information on my 400+ post blog Adult ADD Strengths https://adultaddstrengths.com

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