Pete Quily

Sep 202013

Volunteers from my Vancouver Adult ADD Support Group and I are getting some Metro Vancouver BC libraries and bookstores to sign up again or for the first time for ADHD Awareness Week 2013, October 14th to 20th.

We’ll be listing the new libraries and bookstores in different lower mainland BC cities on the Metro Vancouver 2013 ADHD Awareness Activities page.

Please check it regularly for updates.  And let others who might be interested in it know about it. I.e., media, your work/school/non profit group/community center etc.

We’ll be having ADHD books displays at Libraries and book stores throughout the lower mainland.  There will be ADHD books, books by authors who have ADHD, our ADHD Awareness Week Poster and Brochures on the only 2 ADHD support group in all of BC, My Vancouver Adult ADD Support Group and CHADD Vancouver.

Here are some Authors who have ADHD and have gone public with ADHD. Dave Pikey, Jamie Oliver, Seth Godin, Katherine Ellison, Dr. Edward Hallowell Dr. John Ratey, Dr. Gabor Mate, James Carville, Paul Orfelea, Terry Bradshaw, and Michelle Novotni.

If you know any other authors who have gone public with ADHD please let me know by leaving a comment at the bottom of this post.


ADHD Book Displays at Vancouver Public Libraries .

The Firehall library where our group first started meeting in 9 years ago in 2004 until we outgrew it and moved to our new location Ravensong Community Healthcare Center

ADHD Book Displays at Vancouver Bookstores.

Chapters Broadway and Granville store, the Robson and Howe Street store



ADHD Book Displays at Burnaby Bookstores.

The Cameron library

The Bob Prittie Metrotown library

The Mcgill library

The Tommy Douglas library



ADHD Book Displays at Coquitlam Public Libraries .

The City Center Branch library



ADHD Book Displays at Surrey Public Libraries .

The Guilford library
And more to come. Check for the latest libraries and bookstores that will have ADHD book displays at the Metro Vancouver 2013 ADHD Awareness Activities page.



Sep 092013

This is cross posted to my blog Adult ADD Strengths. Canadian ADHD Awareness Week is October 14th to 20th 2013.  The US has ADHD Awareness month, all of October. CADDAC, The Center for ADHD Awareness will be soon putting out more information on ADHD Awareness Week.

Many adult and children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in British Columbia are 3rd class citizens.

The health bureaucracy refuses to demand doctors, psychologist and psychiatrists in BC be properly trained to diagnose and treat adults and children with ADHD. At UBC, medical students only get one hour of training on ADHD.

The BC Liberal government closed the only Adult ADHD clinic in BC after a year long wait list in 2007. BC Premier Christy Clark told me at her only town hall during the May 2011 by-election on my question to her if she would re open the clinic her BC Liberals closed  “I’m absolutely committed to working with you on it.” And she did? Nothing. Still closed. Adrian Dix the BC NDP leader refused to support reopening the BC ADHD Clinic.

The education bureaucracy refuses to require teacher give accommodations to students with ADHD unless they have learning disabilities or severe behaviour problems. Most do not.

Many people promote ignorance and stigma about ADHD, and a lie repeated enough and not refuted often gets believed.

There are many problems with ADHD but also many advantages of ADHD if properly managed.

That’s why raising awareness of ADHD is so important.

See what the creative and hard working volunteers of my Vancouver Adult ADD Support Group did for Metro Vancouver ADHD Awareness Week 2012

We’ll be working to create some activities for ADHD Awareness Week 2012. If you’d like to help us out, please contact me to join us.