2012 BC ADHD Awareness Week Activities


Here is what the creative and hard working volunteers of my Vancouver Adult ADD Support Group did for  Metro Vancouver ADHD Awareness Week 2012. The original content is on my blog Adult ADD Strengths.

We’re doing some activities for the 2013 ADHD Awareness week.


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My Vancouver Adult ADD Support Group organized 29 various ADHD Awareness Week activities in 8 cities in Metro Vancouver, BC, Canada with our supporters.

We had:

  • ADHD Book Displays, our poster and support group brochures  in 24 libraries in 8 cities
  • ADHD Book Displays, our poster and support group brochures in 5 bookstores in 3 cities
  • An information table at the roundhouse community center.
  • 4 media mentions.

There are positive aspects to having ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), AND negative aspects to having ADHD too.

Take the short Harvard/NYU/W.H.O. Adult ADHD screener test to find out if you might have Adult ADHD. Or share it with a friend or family member who you think might have adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

Media Coverage of Lower Mainland ADHD Awareness Week Events we and our supporters are organized.

CKNW 980 AM Radio just after the week ended. I was interviewed by Jon McComb the host of The World Today Show on Adult ADHD

News 1130 AM Radio Sunday Oct 14th: Vancouver first in Canada to proclaim ADHD Awareness Week- Ninety per cent of adults with ADHD are undiagnosed I was interviewed by Brock Hunter @brocknhunter Thanks also to News 1130 AM’s @BruceClaggett

CKNW 980 AM Radio Sunday Oct 14th: ADHD Awareness Week in the Lower Mainland I was interviewed by @alisonbailey980

The Sing Tao Daily Newspaper Oct 15th: ADHD Awareness Week in the Lower Mainland Chinese story English translation


Vancouver Mayor Declares ADHD Awareness Week in Vancouver, BC Oct 14-20th 2012 2nd Year To Do So

Next Vancouver Adult ADD Support Group Meeting: Tuesday November 6th Topic: Focus. How to increase it and how to reduce it. Speaker: Pete Quily Adult ADHD Coach

In Canada, it takes more than 18 months for a patient with ADHD to be treated after first contact with a physician

Once diagnosed, only half of children and as few as 11% of adults with ADHD receive treatment

How The BC Government Abandoned Patients of only public Adult ADHD Clinic in BC after a 12-14 month wait list for an entire year. It’s still closed.


Vancouver Area ADHD Awareness Week Activities.

These activities were made possible by the hardworking, creative, energetic volunteers of my Vancouver Adult ADD Support Group, whose members range from Whistler to Vancouver to Mission, and our many supporters. Our parent group is CHADD Vancouver. Thanks to our supporters: Mills Office Supplies for printing our ADHD Awareness Posters, The Roundhouse Community Center for hosting our information table, and all the libraries and bookstores in 6 8 BC cities doing ADHD book displays with our ADHD Awareness Week poster.

ADHD Book Displays + our ADHD Awareness Week Poster In Libraries: 26 24 Libraries in 8 BC Cities.

It’s our first time we’ve helped to organize an ADHD book display. We’ve gotten great responses from BC librarians and bookstore

We’re working with Libraries in Vancouver and the lower mainland. to have ADHD book displays. They’ll have a display with books on ADHD, books by authors who have gone public with having ADHD and one of our ADHD Awareness Week posters.

Vancouver Public Libraries: We’ll have displays in the Britannia library, Champlain Heights library, the Kerrisdale Library, Kitsilano library, Carnegie library, West Point Grey library, Marpole library, Hastings library, Dunbar library, Collingwood library, Terry Salman library, Kensington library, Mount Pleasant Library and the Firehall library where our group first started meeting until we outgrew it and moved to Ravensong Community Healthcare Center

Richmond Public Libraries: All 5 3 Richmond Public Libraries will have ADHD book displays Brighouse library, Cambie library and Hamilton library. We were told Ironwood and Steveston would but they didn’t.

Burnaby Public Libraries: McGill library will have an ADHD Book display

Coquitlam Libraries: Poirier library will have an ADHD Book display

Maple Ridge Public Library will have an ADHD book display

Surrey Public Libraries: The Guilford library, Newton Library

North Vancouver City Public Library will have an ADHD book display

North Vancouver District Public Library Lynn Valley will have an ADHD book display

Aldergrove Public Library will have an ADHD book display


ADHD Book Displays In Bookstores:

Odin Books on Broadway will have an ADHD book display in their window 14-20th and one of our ADHD Awareness Week posters.

Chapters Bookstores will also have ADHD book displays with books on ADHD, books by authors who have gone public with having ADHD and one of our ADHD Awareness Week posters. Two Vancouver Chapters stores, Broadway store, the Robson store, Burnaby Metrotown store and the Richmond store in Richport Town Centre.


ADHD Information Table. We had it on Sunday October 14th to start off ADHD Awareness Week in the Lower Mainland. Volunteers of my The Vancouver Adult ADD Support Group, the adult Group of CHADD Vancouver, had an information table at the popular Roundhouse Community Center in Yaletown the first day of ADHD Awareness week Oct 14th from 10am -5pm


Download our ADHD Awareness Week Posters created by one of our talented graphic designer Maggie J.H. Wang with help from Jay in jpeg for the web and PDF for printing format. Please print it off / share it and help spread the word!

Here’s the jpeg file of the poster for the web, pdf file is below

8.5″ x 11″ Metro Van ADHD Awareness Week Poster Printer jpg format for the web

8.5″ x 11″ Metro Van ADHD Awareness Week Poster Printer PDF format for Printing

They’ve had ADHD Awareness Days/Weeks nationally in the US since 2004. Zero ADHD awareness days/weeks nationally in Canada.

Vancouver was the first city in Canada to declare ADHD Awareness Week last year. Thanks to Parks Commissioner Sarah Blyth who was the first politician in North America to go public with having ADHD in office, Councillor Andrea Reimer and Mayor Gregor Robertson who worked with me (Adult ADHD Coach Pete Quily) to help make it happen.

My Vancouver adult ADD Support group first did an ADHD Awareness event back in 2006. We did a talk together with the Dianne Sugars Executive Director of the Learning Disabilities Association of Vancouver and did a call in show together on BC Almanac

So the members from my Vancouver Adult ADD Support Group and I decided to raise awareness of ADHD especially in adults by doing the activities above for ADHD Awareness Week in Metro Vancouver (Vancouver and surrounding cities). Please contact me if you’d like to help out with next year’s ADHD Awareness event and get the word out about ADHD in BC.


Here are some ADHD related links for you to check out and pass around

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Adult ADHD Screener Test 90% of adults with ADHD are undiagnosed and untreated. Plus ADHD is 80% genetic.

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Top 10 Ways to Manage Adult ADHD There is no one magic bullet. Best approach is multiple methods.

151 Positive Characteristics of People with ADHD While there are many negatives of ADHD it’s not all 99% pathology. There are Positives too.

Top 10 Advantages of Having ADHD in a High Tech Career There’s more than 10 but I had to stop somewhere.

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Take the quick adult adhd test!


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