Jade Vajna one of our Vancouver Adult ADD Support Group Volunteers (now her 2nd year helping out, thanks Jade!) was interviewed on News1130 Radio  by News 1130 Anchor Ben Wilson Twitter, staff bio for ADHD Awareness Week in BC

Ben will do 4 Interviews on ADHD In BC During ADHD Awareness Week Starting Tues Oct 15th at 7.05pm  and going until Friday October 18th I’m up today Wednesday

Great thanks to News1130′s  Bruce Claggett for helping to make this happen.  Bruce’s staff bio


Listen to the audio, full News1130 story is below

Audio of Jade Vajna interviewed on News1130 on BC ADHD Awareness Week

ADHD Awareness Week helping to improve diagnoses

Many aren’t aware they have the condition

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – It’s ADHD Awareness Week.

Organizations will use the time to dispel myths, stereotypes and misinformation.

Jade Vajna is a support worker who says not a lot of people know much about the condition. “A lot of people who have it don’t realize they have it until they see a list of symptoms.”

She says she figured out she had ADHD by doing a test online. “It was 2007, a doctor suggested that I have it and then I looked into further. I realized it was me.”

Vajna says symptoms can vary. “For me, for example, I am more impulsive and hyper. It’s just not being able to sit still, being distracted very easily, getting really interested in things and then going bored with them really fast.

Vanja says increased awareness has made it easier to diagnose adults.

The News1130 Evening Show is hosting a week-long ADHD Awareness special, speaking with experts, support staff, and people that live with the condition.

News1130‘s Ben Wilson will be hosting live interviews nightly at 7:05 p.m.

Jade Vajna Vancouver Adult ADD Support Group Volunteer Interviewed on News 1130 During ADHD Awareness Week in BC

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