All 4 Richmond Libraries will have BC ADHD Awareness Week ADHD Book Displays for Oct 14-20th. Brighouse, Cambie, and Ironwood.Final BC ADHD Awareness Week 2014 Badge with URL

I got diagnosed with ADHD because I saw a CHADD Richmond (sadly no longer around) ADHD Book display in Richmond’s Brighouse Library on the 2nd floor near the computer room with a list of ADHD symptoms many years ago.

That has inspired me to do ADHD book displays for BC ADHD Awareness Week along with volunteers of my Vancouver Adult ADD Support Group and our partners to develop awareness of ADHD in adults and children and to reduce the heavy stigma of ADHD in BC and beyond.

There will be books for children, teens and adults with ADHD, books by authors who have ADHD who have written non ADHD books, and our  ADHD Awareness Week Poster at all 4 Richmond BC libraries.

We will also have an Information table again at the Richmond Brighouse Library Lobby  at 100-7700 Minoru Gate, Richmond, Friday October 17th 3pm to 9pm. See map

See the post of our info table at Brighouse last year here’s one of the photos.

ADHD info table at brighouse library richmond adhd awareness week 2013 #3

We’ll have ourADHD Awareness Week Poster and brochures on our Vancouver Adult ADD Support Group and CHADD Vancouver, the Adult ADHD screener test and other information on ADHD in adults and children.

I and our volunteers will be answering your questions on ADHD. Drop on by. Tell your family and friends.

Richmond Libraries with ADHD Awareness Week book displays:

Brighouse Library

Cambie Library

Ironwood Library

Steveston  Library

If you live or work near those libraries, please drop in and check out their ADHD Book displays, thank the librarians for doing them and please take pictures of their book display with our ADHD Awareness Week poster.

Please put the pictures on your social media accounts with the library name, city and hashtag it #adhdawareness and #BC or email it me at with the library and city name and we’ll put it on our website, and our social media accounts.



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Or you can put it on twitter and hashtag it #adhdawareness and #BC and we’ll retweet it

We’ll be updating the listing the new libraries and bookstores in different BC cities who’ve agreed to help get the word out on BC ADHD Awareness Week.

Ask a library or bookstore in your neighbourhood if they’ll participate.



All 4 Richmond Libraries will have BC ADHD Awareness Week ADHD Book Displays, Brighouse, Cambie, Ironwood and Steveston

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