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Articles On ADHD In Children & Teenagers

Information on ADHD in Children.

ADHD children and teens have statistically higher rates of school problems, school expulsions, high school drop outs, alcoholism and drug addiction, gambling, social skills problems, being bullied, suicidal thinking, suicide attempts, speeding tickets, other traffic tickets, car crashes, emergency room visits, incarceration, all 3 eating disorders, depression and anxiety disorders. And don’t forget the oppositional defiant disorder easily activated by coercion & shouting.

See the economic costs of ADHD

ADHD kids are the biggest number of special needs kids in BC schools and the biggest number of students with a mental health condition 8-10% of students.

Yet your BC Liberals MLAs refuse to stop ADHD discrimination in BC schools who got a failing grade in the CADDAC ADHD School Report Card see page 2  and your BCNDP MLA’s and BCTF refuse to demand they stop.

If you want them to stop? Tell your local MLAs why they should stop discriminating against us.  Please also tell the media.

Parents and ADHD adults complain to me and others who work with people with ADHD about the lack of properly trained medical professionals on ADHD & ADHD discrimination all the time but not to people who can change things, MLA’s and the media. Who tell me things won’t change until people with ADHD start complaining to them.

CHADD Vancouver Parent ADHD Support Group I’m on the board. Our parent group

Vancouver Adult ADD Support Group I lead this. ADHD is 80% genetic. If a child has ADHD the parents should be screened for ADHD. If not for their own sake but for their children’s and spouses sake. Higher rates of relationship problems and divorce.

No ADHD support group in your community? Start one. I did. Here’s my list of resources how to start a support group in your community

Parents Of Children With ADD Are 24 Times More Likely To Have ADD Themselves Study Says

“The evidence is dramatic and the message clear: we need to treat the whole family, not just the child… Since treatments for children with ADHD rely heavily on parental support, parents’ problems can interfere with a child’s improvement.”

See my section of 50+ articles and ebooks on teaching ADHD students with sections on:

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Parent Resources For Their ADHD Children in School


What is involved in a thorough assessment and diagnosis of ADHD?

Download (PDF, 72KB)

Do Your ADHD Children Have An ADHD Role Model? Here’s One

Review of ADHD Friendly Rick Riordan Book Lightning Thief

Helping your child overcome the stigma of ADHD 

 Comedian Jeff Allen On His ADHD Children And His ADHD Video

ADHD in Girls

Download (PDF, 74KB)

Parenting a Child With ADHD

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What ADHD Students Wish Their Teachers Knew

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Classroom Accommodations For Specific Behaviour

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Sample IEP Plan

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Mothers with ADD Have More Problems Parenting ADHD Children Than Those Who Don’t have ADHD

I’d suspect the same with fathers with ADHD but most ADHD parenting research is done on mothers, fathers are generally ignored.

Girls And Women With ADHD Have Higher Rates of Anorexia Nervosa And Other Eating Disorders, Here Are Some Reasons Why

Good Tips on How to Reduce the Side Effects of ADHD Medications

A Parent’s Guide to Getting Along With Your ADHD Teen

Teens with ADD: Transitioning to Adulthood

How to help your teenager with ADD make a smooth transition to an adulthood with greater responsibility

When Mom’s On Mute: Communicating With Your ADHD Teen

Tough time getting through to your ADHD teen? It’s time to change your communication strategy. Here are some ways to relate to your child that won’t make her tune you out.

Win Over Your Defiant Teen

Looking for compliance from your ADHD teen? First look for the positive — and show her you appreciate it.

14 Tips for Parenting ADHD Teens

ADHD teens often need more parenting. The problem is that parents of attention deficit teens often overreact to their sons’ and daughters’ behaviors. Here’s what to do — and what to avoid — when dealing with your ADHD teen.