Here are some things that you can do to help raise awareness of ADHD, help spread the facts and counter the myths and stigma of ADHD & let people know about the social and economic impact of ADHD.

If you want to join our Vancouver Adult ADD Support Group volunteers to make 2015 BC ADHD Awareness Week happen please contact me.

Pick one or more that you’re comfortable with.

How you can help before BC ADHD Awareness Week Oct 12-18th 2015:

– Tell others about ADHD Awareness Week, friends, family work colleagues. Start a conversation about ADHD.

– Download and print off our ADHD Awareness Week poster and put it up at appropriate places in your work and/or home neighbourhoods.

– Ask people you know who can help get the word out to business/union/govt/nonprofit/community groups who can put up our BC ADHD Awareness week posters or let people know about it on their social media accounts/blogs ezines.

– Share the info on our events and info on the website on ADHD on your social media accounts.

– Share your opinon or story by commenting on the blog posts

– Tell your ADHD story, or explain ADHD in your words, counter the myths and stigma, on social media/blogs/video/radio talk show call in/in print.

– Write a letter to your local paper or guest post on your local blog

– Ask your BC Liberals or BCNDP MLA’s why they refuse to support reopening the BC Adult ADHD Clinic. Find them at MLA finder

– Green Party MLA Andrew Weaver supported reopening the clinic when I asked him on a Skype Chat in Oct 2013. Other Green party candidates supported reopening it too. The 2013 BC Conservatives Leader John Cummins & several BCCP candidates supported reopening it in 2013. Current BC Conservatives leader Dan Brooks refused to answer my question about it. 

-explain to MLA’s why it’s a problem that the BC government does not properly train medical professionals on ADHD.

Also ask your MLA’s why they’re not implementing the BC Medical Association 8 ADHD policy recommendations?


How you can help during BC ADHD Awareness Week, Oct 13-19th 2015:

– Take a pictures of an ADHD books display and our poster near you, email them to tell me which library/books store it’s from and I’ll put them up on the website & on our social media sites.

Or tweet the photo to @bcachd The Twitter hashtag for ADHD Awareness Week in BC is #adhdawareness  I’ll share the pictures on the website and the other social media accounts

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