UPDATE: 2015 Posters are done!

Help us raise Awareness of ADHD for adults, teens and children in British Columbia.  Please download, print and share our BC ADHD Awareness Week print and jpeg materials widely.

List of downloads to help you create your BC ADHD Awareness Week 2015 ADHD book displays:

1. Poster for printing or the web. 

2. Badge.For your website home page to let your patrons know when the week is on, link it to your events page listing the week.

3. The 5 minute Harvard Adult ADHD Screener test. Why? 90% of adults with ADHD are undiagnosed & untreated. Dr. Russell Barkley, Monitor on Psychology March 2012, page 70.

4. Vancouver Adult ADD Support Group Brochure.

5. CHADD Vancouver ADHD Support Group Brochure. 

6. Some Other Optional Downloads

1. Poster

For Web


2015 BC-ADHD Awareness PosterPoster-8.5-x-11-For-Web

Our ADHD Awareness Week Poster was created by one of our talented graphic designers Maggie J.H. Wang (CGD) who also did our last years cool ADHD Awareness poster.

For Printing

Final BC ADHD Awareness Week Poster 2015 8.5 x 11 PDF For Printing

Download (PDF, 17.93MB)

Final BC ADHD Awareness Week Poster 2015 11 x 17 PDF For Printing

Download (PDF, 41.46MB)


2. Badge. Two Types.

1. For library and bookstore website home pages to link to your events section.

To let your patrons know when your  BC ADHD Awareness Week ADHD book display is on, please download this badge, upload it to your library or bookstore’s homepage and link it to your events page where you can list information about the week.

Helpful for catching the eye of constantly scanning people with ADHD viewing your library home page. And their family members and friends who might want to let them know about your library or bookstore’s ADHD book display.

Final BC ADHD Awareness Week 2014 Badge No URL


2. For other websites, blogs and Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Please download this badge and put it up on your website, blog or social media site or share it in a blog post, tweet, facebook post, or instagram pic and add the hashtags #adhdawareness and #bc and our homepage link https://bcadhd.com to help share the word about the 4th annual BC ADHD Awareness week and tell people about the libraries and bookstores where people can check out ADHD books and handouts.

Final BC ADHD Awareness Week 2014 Badge with URL 


3. Harvard/NYU/World Health Organization Quick Adult ADHD Screener Test. 

Download (PDF, 653KB)


4. Vancouver Adult ADD Support Group Brochure. The only Adult ADHD Support Group in BC


Download (PDF, 95KB)

5. CHADD Vancouver ADHD Support Group Brochure. Our parent group.

Download (PDF, 116KB)




6. Some Other Optional Downloads

CADDAC’s What is ADHD? Infographic. From CADDAC’s ADHD Awareness Month website

Download (PDF, 1.5MB)


ADHD In Adults. From the US ADHD awareness month website

Download (PDF, 760KB)


Women And ADHD. From the Help4ADHD.org  website

Download (PDF, 101KB)


Recognizing Possible Signs Of ADHD In Children And Teens. Red Flags To Look For At Home And At School. From CADDAC’s ADHD Awareness Month website

Download (PDF, 44KB)


Girls And ADHD. It’s Not Just In Boys. From CADDAC’s ADHD Awareness Month website

Download (PDF, 74KB)


What is Involved In A Thorough Assessment And Diagnosis Of ADHD?  From CADDAC’s ADHD Awareness Month website

Download (PDF, 72KB)


Parenting A Child With ADHD. From Help4ADHD  website

Download (PDF, 89KB)