Why should you consider joining us with your ideas and actions to help make BC ADHD Awareness Week 2014 happen October 14-20th? Think about this.

Have you heard people tell you ADHD isn’t a real condition? That it doesn’t exist? It’s just poor parenting or lazy people making excuses for bad behaviour? Or that everyone has ADHD? And therefore no one really has it and it’s not a real problem?

People spread ignorance, stigma and hate against racial minorities and gays and lesbians for long, long periods of time. In some places and cases they still do.

But in the west, at least, they do it less. Less often, less loud, less aggressive.

This didn’t happen by magic. It happened because people who are racial minorities and gays and lesbians and their allies educated people about who they really were. They countered ignorance and stigma with facts and human stories.

They raised awareness. And much more. And they made life better for themselves and the rest of us too.

Raising awareness is important for ADHD. There is so much ignorance, stigma and contempt about ADHD and it gets repeated so often, and so few speak up to counter it, many believe it’s true.

Some of my adult ADHD coaching clients have heard ADHD stigma repeated so often & so few spoke up to call it out and correct it, they even sometimes believe it and self stigmatize. This is why BC ADHD Awareness Week is so important.

Here’s what volunteers of my Vancouver Adult ADD Support Group did last year for BC ADHD Awareness Week 2013:

  • Had ADHD Book Displays + our ADHD Awareness Week Poster in 78 Libraries in 23 BC Cities in Metro Vancouver, BC, Canada with our supporters.
  • ADHD Information tables at the West End Community Center in Vancouver and at the Minoru Library in Richmond.

So join us to help raise awareness for adults and children with ADHD in BC

We will be putting up ADHD book displays and our poster and brochures of the 2 ADHD support groups in BC the Vancouver Adult ADD Support Group (which I lead), and CHADD Vancouver (I’m on the board) in libraries and bookstores in the lower mainland.

We will be doing an information table on one of the days where people can learn more about ADHD.

We may do more, why not use your creative ADHD brain to create some your ideas for BC ADHD Awareness week 2014 and help put them into action?

Please email me to help out. If javascript doesn’t work pete AT

You can help out by volunteering your ideas and action.

We can use your help with:

– distributing our BC ADHD Awareness Week poster and 2 BC ADHD support group brochures to libraries and bookstores.

– finding other places to put up our BC ADHD Awareness Week poster, and when we print it, to post it up in those places.

– people who know reporters or columnist in the media they can ask to cover BC ADHD Awareness Week.

– people with public relations experience to help us get media coverage, or who know PR companies willing to do pro bono work to get some media coverage. See the media coverage we got in 2013.

– people who know any bloggers who are willing to help get the word out on their blogs.

– anyone who can help get the word out to business/union/non profit/community groups they know who can put out info on our events in their offices and newsletters/blogs/websites/social media accounts.

– people who have a reasonable knowledge of ADHD and are comfortable talking to the public to staff an information booth for a day or an evening.

– A printing company who’s willing to donate printing of 11 x 17 & 8 x 11 colour posters for the libraries, bookstores and other areas to get info on the event i.e. community centres, drug stores, etc.

Or by spreading the word about BC ADHD Awareness Week & what we’re doing at your workplace, school and in your community. Pass on this blog & our activities (will be listed over the coming weeks) to others. Print out and put up our poster (coming soon), follow and like us on social media and spread the word on social media and in IRL. (in real life)

Please let me know how you can help, any questions you might have and also your phone number.

Join us and help take some action to make things better for adults and children with ADHD in BC.

Please email me to help out. If javascript doesn’t work pete AT


Pete Quily and the volunteers of the Vancouver Adult ADD Support Group







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