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Want To Tell BC MLA’s What They Should Do To Help ADHD Children And Youth?

Last minute adrenaline rush opportunity:) Deadline this Friday at 5 pm.

Your chance to tell the all party Select Standing Committee on Children and Youth of BC MLA’s why they should stop discriminating against ADHD children and youth in BC schools, in diagnosis, demand ADHD parent programs outside of Vancouver, etc and what you think the govt should do for them.

impact of untreated ADHD on academic performance weiss

You can make a written, audio or video submission through the Committee’s consultation portal, but

Must be done before this Friday June 7th at 4pm details here

or https://tinyurl.com/bclegadhd

Both BCNDP MLAs and BCLiberals MLA’s has shown through their actions, as in lack there of, and continued enabling of human rights discrimination that they don’t care at all about kids and youth with ADHD.

Here is your chance to, politely, show MLA’s why they should care about ADHD kids and what they should do. Few bother enough to care to do so, that’s why ADHD kids in BC keep getting harmed by the government and have higher rates of school problems, drop out, addiction, jail, suicide and death.

The most important persuasion tool you have is personal stories, humanizing us.

You can also add facts and science on ADHD to your personal stories, I have a lot listed here:

The Socio-Economic Costs Of ADHD. It Is Very Expensive To Ignore Us

Ask Your School Trustee Candidates To Ask Rob Fleming When Will BC’s ADHD students get IEP’s For ADHD?

IEPs For ADHD 2018 Election Results And More

47% of teen prescription opioid abusers have ADHD.

We Need Public Adult And Children’s ADHD Clinics In Every Health Region In BC. What Do You Think?

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