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Teaching Students With ADHD. 56 Articles And Ebooks

Summaries and Links to Articles, Ebooks and PowerPoints on Teaching Students with ADHD

8-10% of students in k-12 and 5% of adult students have ADHD. These articles and ebooks will:

  • help ADHD students learn more and with less struggle
  • reduce the ADHD student’s stress and ODD
  • improve the whole classroom environment
  • reduce the teacher’s stress, minimize unintended counter productiveness & increase effectiveness

See a one page summary of the statistics on ADHD in school

I’ll start with some BC ADHD background then go to the links.

The BC government choses to continue to discriminate against ADHD students in BC classrooms despite higher rates of: school problems, high school dropouts, suicidal thinking and suicidal attempts, drug addictions, all 3 eating disorders, depression and anxiety.

We’re second class citizens in backwards BC. If you have a child in BC schools with ADHD who doesn’t have a learning disability or severe behaviour problem they are not required to get ADHD accommodations. They might, but totally at the whim of the school and the teachers.

The BC Liberals refuse to change this.

I’ve asked many BCNDP MLAs to demand the govt stop discriminating against us in school, but they refuse to. BCNDP also refuses to reopen the only public adult ADHD clinic in BC, the BC Adult ADHD clinic that used to be at children’s hospital until BC Liberals health minister George Abbott killed it.

The BCTF has not demanded the govt to stop discriminating against ADHD students in their contract negotiations. So even if they get every single thing they want? ADHD students in BC schools will still suffer discrimination unless they have LD or severe behavioural problems.

BC government got an Unsatisfactory/Fail Grade on the CADDAC Provincial ADHD School Report card page 2. Hopefully one day BC will rank up with more mental health friendly provinces like Alberta and Newfoundland.

ADHD is the number two inherited genetic condition after height, 80%. So if a child has ADHD, it’s important the parents get screened for it too, if not for themselves, then for the benefit of their child.

Some students with ADHD have many problems in school and struggle greatly, some do very well. There are PhD’s with ADHD and a MENSA ADHD group with 600+  members.

Hopefully one day parents of ADHD children will start asking their BC MLA’s and the media to stop discriminating against us in school.

Maybe some BC teachers might organize some BC ADHD Awareness Week activities oct 12-18th 2015. I’d be happy to post them here and on our social media accounts. Please contact me.

As someone who used to be a teacher for 5 years, and who’s been an Adult ADHD coach since 2003, I prefer to focus on the practical vs. theoretical articles.

Here Are The Sections:

Accommodations for K-12 ADHD Students

Accommodations for College and University ADHD Students

Overviews of ADHD in Education

Educational Guides for Teachers of ADHD Students

Other Articles for Teachers of ADHD Students

Parent Resources For Their ADHD Children in School

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