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This blog will focus on ADHD in BC, British Columbia, Canada. A big focus of this blog will be the Annual BC ADHD Awareness Week in the 3rd week of October.

Final BC ADHD Awareness Week 2014 Badge with URL

I got diagnosed with ADHD because I saw an ADHD book display with a list of symptoms of ADHD in Richmond’s Brighouse Library by the now sadly no longer with us CHADD Richmond.

So now I and my Vancouver Adult ADD Support Group volunteers help organize BC Libraries and bookstores to put on ADHD Book displays. We started in 2012 with 24 libraries and bookstores. Then 78 in 2013 and we’ve got 122 in 68 BC communities in 2014. 2015’s will be oct 12-18th.

BC is unfortunately very backwards on ADHD. Hopefully, more people with ADHD and their family and friends will help to change that by raising awareness on ADHD in adults and children, spreading facts on ADHD and countering myths, ignorance, and stigma.

The BC government, health and education bureaucracies, and society won’t help give us the resources we need for diagnosis, treatment, accommodations, and removal of discrimination unless people with ADHD and their families work to convince them, society and the media to do so.

This blog will help in that process.

It’s created by Adult ADHD Coach Pete Quily.  I live in Vancouver BC. I have ADHD, have coached adults with ADHD since 2003 one on one over the phone, started and lead The Vancouver Adult ADD Support Group and am on the board of CHADD Vancouver.

My 150 page+ Adult ADHD website is ADDCoach4u

My larger first blog is Adult ADD Strengths

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