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Overviews of ADHD in Education

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ADHD is the #2 genetically inherited condition in the world, 80%. If one or more of the parents have ADHD and don’t learn how to manage it properly, there will be worse outcomes for the child and will make the teacher’s job even harder. Here’s Harvard’s 5 minute Adult ADHD Screener test.


Overviews of ADHD in Education

ADHD-Building Academic Success

Detailed article for Teachers of ADHD children.

12 Things High School Students With ADHD Would Like Their Teachers To Know

From ADHD Central. Article has been compiled by talking with several teens with ADHD.

Myths and Facts about ADHD

Required reading. Talks about the myths of ADHD in relation to children, teens, college students & adults with ADHD

Rethinking the Classroom for Students with ADHD

Describes a process to support the development of intervention plans for children with ADHD. The process highlights key techniques that promote academic success in children with ADHD.

Rethinking ADHD from a Cognitive Perspective

Discusses 3 areas ADHD students have problems with.

  • Executive functions
  • Working memory
  • Processing speed

Why Is High School So ADD-Unfriendly, and What Can You Do About It?

Kathleen Nadeau. Talks about the reasons why and give tips for teens on dealing with Attention Deficit Disorder in high schools.

Thom Hartmann’s Hunter and Farmer Approach to ADHD

An “must read” antidote to the “ADHD as 98% pathology” ideology. Thom has written several books on ADHD, is a psychotherapist, founded a school to deal with ADHD students more effectively and humanely, several business and has his own radio show among many other achievements.

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