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Parent Resources For Their ADHD Children in School. 

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ADHD is the #2 genetically inherited condition in the world, 80%. If one or more of the parents have ADHD and don’t learn how to manage it properly, there will be worse outcomes for the child and will make the teacher’s job even harder. Here’s Harvard’s 5 minute Adult ADHD Screener test.


Parent Resources For Their ADHD Children in School.


A Parent’s Guide to AD/HD Basics

Great 20 page PDF from Schwab Learning Here are the articles included.

  1. ADHD— an overview
  2. Dr. Sam Goldstein explains the best way to evaluate for Attention Deficit Disorder
  3. Management strategies for Attention Deficit Disorder
  4. What parents need to know about Attention Deficit Disorder and medication: advice from an MD
  5. Inattentive Attention Deficit Disorder: overlooked and undertreated?
  6. The facts about Attention Deficit Disorder
  7. Books articles and web sites

Educational Rights for ADHD Children

US based, various articles on the subject. Unfortunately Canadian parents don’t lobby the government and education industry as much or as well as the Americans do, so they have less rights here.

Assessing College Support Services for Students with ADHD

Kathleen G. Nadeau, author of A College Survival Guide for Students with ADD and LD gives a list of questions that should be asked BEFORE choosing a college or university to see how helpful they will or will not be for you or your ADHD teenager. As she says don’t assume they’ll be all the same.

A Guide to the IEP (Individualized Education Program)

From the US department of education

Helping Your Adolescent with ADHD Get Homework Done

Arthur L. Robin, PhD. Great article with many practical steps to helping your teen with ADHD to do their homework.

Online Forums for Learning Disabilities including ADHD

Ldonline. Very active site, many posts. Here are some relevant forum topics:

  • Teaching students with ADHD
  • Teaching students with LD
  • Parenting a child with ADHD
  • Parenting a child with LD
  • Adults with ADHD
  • Adults with LD

Coaching Tips For Parents Of Children With LD And ADHD

An alternative to tyrant parenting which will just be counterproductive and increase ODD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder.

By Steven Richfield, child psychologist. Author of The Parent Coach: A New Approach To Parenting In Today’s Society and Parent coaching cards.

Talks about a less confrontational way to deal with Attention Deficit Disorder in children. He has many articles on his website parentcoachcards on coaching ADHD children and parenting strategies.

Targeting Home-School Collaboration for Students with ADHD

by Candace S. Bos, Maria L. Nahmias and Magda A. Urban. Gives suggestions for parent involvement in assessment and behaviour plan, monitoring medication, coordinating homework, taking action, references, and resources.

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