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Ryan Painter Twitter @votepainter Victoria school board candidate supports ADHD students in BC schools and will ask BC Education Minister Rob Fleming to follow through on his promise to ADHD students in BC to add ADHD as a stand-alone category in special education so ADHD students can get accommodations and IEP’s (Individual Education Programs.) #IEPsForADHD

Thanks Ryan Painter I hope other school board Trustees in Victoria will follow your lead and commit to asking BC Education Minister Rob Fleming when he will fulfil his promise to ADHD students add ADHD as a stand-alone category in special education that he made more than 10 months ago (December 4th 2017).


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Pete Quily “Very well done video. Great timing and pacing. Props to the videographer.

If elected, will you commit to asking BCNDP education minister Rob Fleming when he’ll fulfil his promise Centre For ADHD Advocacy on BC students with ADHD 9 months ago?

Stop discriminating against #ADHD students and create a special category for ADHD in special education?

Research shows children and teens with ADHD have higher rates of: academic and social skills problems, executive function problems, school expulsions, dropouts, depression, anxiety disorders, all 3 eating disorders, drug addiction, and suicidal thoughts and attempts, teen pregnancies, and crime.

Currently, ADHD students do not have their needs met in BC schools, although in more progressive Alberta and Newfoundland they’ve had categories for ADHD that give them accommodations and IEP’s for at least 8 years.

I’m asking BC school trustees this question during the civic elections. We already have two in Vancouver and one in Surrey who promised they’d ask Minister Fleming.


Hopefully one in Victoria too:)


Pete Quily Ryan Painter for SD 61 School Board Great! Thanks Ryan, so many parents complain to me & others who work with ADHD about how their ADHD kids get neglected, stigmatized, suffer and struggle in school, but they’re too stigmatized to speak up to politicians or the media, in part because ADHD is 80% genetic and parents often have ADHD and are hidden in the ADHD closet.

Then the pols and media say its not a problem because too few complain, the ADHD catch 22.

So thanks for standing up for people that so few are willing to, students with ADHD and committing to asking BCNDP education minister Rob Fleming when he’ll fulfil his 9 month old promise to add ADHD as a stand alone category in special education so ADHD students can #IEPsForADHD “

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Ryan Painter supports #IEPsForADHD https-::www.facebook.com:votepainter:videos:1166288823528284: 1

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If you see any other political parties or independent school board candidates who have any policies on the biggest number of students with special needs, ADHD in their platform, please thank them and send me that information so I can post it online. Always important to reward good behaviour on ADHD because it is so rare by politicians

Will you join us in asking your local school board trustee candidates if they’ll ask bcndp education minister Rob Fleming to give BC ADHD students #IEPsForADHD as he promised BC ADHD Students 10 months ago?

Ryan Painter Victoria School Board Candidate Supports ADHD Students in BC Schools, Will Ask For #IEPsForADHD

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