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Pete Quily Interviewed on News 1130 During ADHD Awareness Week in BC. Gambling, Drugs, Crime or Entrepreneurs?

I was interviewed on News1130 Radio  by News 1130 Anchor Ben Wilson Twitter, staff bio for ADHD Awareness Week in BC Ben will do 4 Interviews on ADHD In BC During ADHD Awareness Week Starting Tues Oct 15th at 7.05pm  and going until Friday October 18th. Tomorrow is Carol Walley, CHADD Vancouver Coordinator.

Thanks to John Streit News1130’s  Evening Editor for giving me a tour of the News1130 station. Thanks to Ben Wilson for showing me the controls. Very cool he’s like a reporter, announcer, producer all in one. Here’s a photo of me by News1130 editor John Streit

Pete Quily photo in News1130 studio by John Streit

Even with the TV on the studio was so quiet it was palpable. If I ever get a big windfall, would love to have a soundproof room. Very easy to concentrate for distractable adders like me. I wonder if some serial entrepreneur like Minna Van who runs The Network Hub would add soundproof rooms like that where for an extra fee people pay extra to be able to focus easier for a few hours on projects.

Much thanks to News1130′s  Bruce Claggett for helping to make this ADHD Awareness series happen.  Bruce’s staff bio.

20% of pathological gamblers have ADHD See more detail on ADHD and Gambling in this Journal of Gambling Study plus 20-30%+ addicts & alcoholics have ADHD. Many ADDers are entrepreneurs see this BC Business article listing a few & quoting me.

So BC citizens & politicians, keep ignoring, discriminating and refusing to have people trained to diagnose and treat ADHD adults and kids and you’ll continue to pay more in taxes for gambling, addiction, and crime. Change that? You’ll get more legal and less criminal ADHD entrepreneurs adding jobs and building vs depleting the tax base.


The full story is below.


Many problem gamblers suffer from ADHD: expert

An expert says 20 per cent of problem gamblers have ADHD

News1130 Staff

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – In the midst of ADHD Awareness Week, we’re hearing many problem gamblers suffer from the condition.

ADHD coach Pete Quily says gambling is an impulse disorder and the three main symptoms of ADHD are hyperactivity, inattention, and impulsivity.

He says 20 per cent of pathological gamblers have ADHD, roughly 5 per cent of the population. “The government refuses to diagnose us or treat us. When you see the cost of ADHD, whether it be gambling, addiction, or jail, it’s a lot cheaper to treat us. They don’t seem to be taking it seriously, the research is out there.”

Quily says substance abuse is also a major issue. “If you have ADHD and get it treated through medication and other ways, you actually reduce the risk of substance abuse. The smallest number I’ve seen is 20 to 30 per cent of addicts and alcoholics have ADHD.”

He adds 21 to 45 per cent of prisoners in jail have ADHD.

“Don’t you think as a society we should more likely focus on getting these people the treatment they deserve and having more legal entrepreneurs, because many billions have ADHD, instead of criminal entrepreneurs who are self-medicating with booze, drugs and violence,” Quily wonders.

The News1130 Evening Show is hosting a week-long ADHD Awareness special, speaking with experts, support staff, and people that live with the condition.

News1130‘s Ben Wilson will be hosting live interviews nightly at 7:05 p.m.


2 thoughts on “Pete Quily Interviewed on News 1130 During ADHD Awareness Week in BC. Gambling, Drugs, Crime or Entrepreneurs?”

  1. just found your site, don’t know if it is still active..
    My granddaughter (23) was just diagnosed with (probably) adhd. (she has only had a preliminary interview with the Dr.) She is hyper critical of everyone but if we say something that she feels is critical she has a melt-down and cries, says pets help her calm down but doesn’t take care of them (she expects her mom or brother to care for them), talks about suicide, tonight she ended up in a screaming match with her mom because her mom dared to try to watch her favourite tv show (her mom rarely watches tv) [it is her mom’s house and tv]
    We are all walking on eggshells because we don’t want Lauren to harm herself but my daughter, Sue, can’t continue much longer without some help. The Dr is on holiday for the next three weeks and Sue is afraid that Lauren is becoming totally out of control.
    I am hoping you can point me in the right direction as my local mental health office didn’t have any suggestions.
    Thank you for any help you can offer, Sandi Wight

  2. hi Sandi, this is not just ADHD. I’d phone your nearest crisis line immediately. and in long term find someone who knows adhd to help both the daughter AND the mother, likely a seperate one for each. you can also try to see if a social worker can help ask a local walk in clinic doctor if they know any resources. start the conversation with the suicidal part. You don’t want to ignore this

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