My Vancouver Adult ADD Support Group Volunteers & I plan on having regular BC ADHD Awareness weeks annually. Since we’ve had such a great response by you BC librarians and bookstore owners, we’re doing the ADHD book displays again this year October 12th-18th, 2015. Details will be coming soon.

What we’ve done so far

In 2012 we had 29 libraries & bookstores in 8 cities doing BC ADHD Awareness week book displays. In 2013 we more than doubled the number of libraries and bookstores and nearly tripled the number of cities. 78 and 23 cities.

Thanks to your participation, in 2013 we had more ADHD Awareness week events in BC than all the other provinces in Canada combined & more than any state in the US.

And in 2014 we had 122 libraries and bookstores in 68 BC cities doing BC ADHD Awareness week book displays.

Here are some resources to make it easier for you BC Librarians and bookstore owners to create BC ADHD Awareness week book displays in your libraries.

It includes downloadable posters and brochures that you can print plus web and printing versions of our poster. When we have our 2015 poster updated it will be listed here.

Please take a photo of your display and put it on your twitter and facebook accounts, hashtag them #ADHDAwareness and #BC and send it us, we’ll retweet and facebook them and post them on our page of library ADHD book display photos. See 2014’s photos. See 2014 map of locations.

If there is anything that would help you create a BC ADHD Awareness Week display in your Library or bookstore that’s not listed here please let me know in the comments. Thank you.

Resources For BC Librarians and Bookstores

ADHD English And MultiLingual Titles Book List by dewey decimal, author and title by The Kerrisdale Library in Vancouver

List Of Authors Who Have ADHD And Have Written Non ADHD Books

11 Advantages Of Having ADHD As A Writer

Our BC ADHD Awareness week poster.

Our Vancouver Adult ADD Support Group brochure

CHADD Vancouver ADHD Support Group brochure

Harvard Adult ADHD Screener test

Photos of 2014 ADHD Awareness Week book displays in libraries & bookstores

List of all the 122 libraries & bookstores who participated in BC ADHD Awareness Week 2014 by town & city 68.

List in progress of the BC libraries and bookstores participating in 2015 BC ADHD Awareness Week

Badge. Two Types.

1. For library and bookstore website home pages to link to your events section.

To let your patrons know when your  BC ADHD Awareness Week ADHD book display is on, please download this badge, upload it to your library or bookstore’s homepage and link it to your events page where you can list information about the week.

Helpful for catching the eye of constantly scanning people with ADHD viewing your library home page. And their family members and friends who might want to let them know about your library’s ADHD book display.

Final BC ADHD Awareness Week 2014 Badge No URL

2. For other websites, blogs and Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Please download this badge and put it up on your website, blog or social media site or share it in a blog post, Tweet, Facebook post, or Instagram pic and add the hashtags #adhdawareness and #bc and our homepage link to help share the word about the 4th annual BC ADHD Awareness week and tell people about the libraries and bookstores where people can check out ADHD books and handouts.

Final BC ADHD Awareness Week 2014 Badge with URL 




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