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Map Of ADHD Book Displays 2014

Here’s a map of our list of all the 122 BC libraries and bookstores in 68 BC communities who have ADHD Book Displays for the third annual BC ADHD Awareness Week October 14-20th 2014. See the text list by area here.

Last year we had 78 in 23 Metro Vancouver communities. We’ve tripled the number of BC Communities & increased the numbers of libraries and bookstores by 60%.

Explore our map, find a BC Library or bookstore near you, check out their ADHD books and books by ADHD authors who’ve written non ADHD books, our poster and brochures to learn more about ADHD in adults and children and reduce the stigma. Tell your family, friends and work colleagues.

Please take a photo of the ADHD book display and email it with the library name and city to me pete AT bcadhd.com and I’ll post it here & our social media accounts & hashtag it #BC #adhdawareness

If your local library or bookstore doesn’t have and ADHD book display, politely encourage them to have one for next year.

Show them this page which explains how easy we’ve made it for them to create an ADHD book display


BC ADHD Awareness Week 2014. Map of BC ADHD Book Displays. Province View.


BC ADHD Awareness Week 2014. Map of BC ADHD Book Displays. Metro Vancouver View, plus a bit of the Sunshine Coast


Link to maptive zoomable map



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