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2013 BC ADHD Awareness Week Activities

Now 80 BC ADHD Awareness Week Activities. This page will track the various ADHD Awareness Week 2013 activities the Vancouver Adult ADD Support Group volunteers, I and our supporters are putting on in BC’s lower mainland. It will be updated as we add new activities.

Thanks to our Vancouver Adult ADD Support Group volunteers for making these ADHD Awareness Week events happen: Ed, Jade Vajna, Maggie J.H. Wang (CGD),  Jean, Christopher Stanbury, Paul,  Yuanyuan Jiang, Robert Murray & Chris Green.

ADHD books displays at 78 Libraries and book stores throughout 23 cities in the Lower Mainland. Details below.  There will be ADHD books, books by authors who have ADHD on other topics, our ADHD Awareness Week Poster and Brochures on the only 2 ADHD support group in all of BC, My Vancouver Adult ADD Support Group and CHADD Vancouver.

Here are some authors who have gone public with having ADHD (vs someone thinks bob jones may have ADHD) and who have written book on topics other than (or in addition to) ADHD: Rick Riordan, Dave Pikey, Jamie Oliver, Seth Godin, Katherine Ellison, Ty Pennington, Dr. Edward Hallowell, Dr. John Ratey, Dr. Gabor Mate, James Carville, Paul Orfelea, Terry Bradshaw, Michelle Novotni, Zoe Kessler.

Please contact me if you know other authors who have publicly confirmed (vs you think they have it or they have learning disabilities and not ADHD and have been mistakenly put on an famous ADDers list) they have ADHD and have written non ADHD books

Information table in two cities. The Richmond Brighouse Library Lobby  at 100-7700 Minoru Gate, Richmond, Friday October 18th 3pm to 8pm. See map We’ll have our poster and brochures on the Vancouver Adult ADD Support Group and CHADD Vancouver.

Information table at The West End Community Center at 870 Denman Street, Vancouver, Saturday October 19th 10am to 5pm. See map We’ll have our poster and brochures on the Vancouver Adult ADD Support Group and CHADD Vancouver.

We’ll have the Adult ADHD screener test and other information on ADHD in adults and children & I and our volunteers will be answering questions on ADHD. Drop on by.

CHADD Vancouver ADHD Support Group. “Parenting Children with ADHD” and a research update
 with Dr. Charlotte Johnson, Professor and Director of Clinical Training 
at UBC’s Department of Psychology; 6:30pm at Raven Song Community Health Center
(2450 Ontario St., Vancouver).


Lower Mainland Cities with ADHD Awareness events by city


ADHD Book Displays at Vancouver Public Libraries .

Britannia Library

Carnegie Library

Central Library

Champlain Heights Library

Collingwood Library

Dunbar Library

The Firehall Library where our group first started meeting in 9 years ago in 2004 until we outgrew it and moved to our new location Ravensong Community Healthcare Center

Fraserview Library

Hastings Library

Joe Fortes Library

Kensington Library

Kerrisdale Library

Kitsilano Library

Marpole Library

Mount Pleasant Library

Oakridge Library

Renfrew Library

South Hill Library

Strathcona Library

West Point Grey Library


Post Secondary Libraries

UBC Libraries

Woodward Library

Education Library



Langara Library


ADHD Book Displays at Vancouver Bookstores.

Odinbooks Bookstore

Chapters Broadway and Granville store, the Robson and Howe Street store



Abbotsford Community Library

Clearbrook Library

Mount Lehman Library



Agassiz Library


Boston Bar

Boston Bar Library



ADHD Book Displays at Burnaby Libraries.

The Bob Prittie Metrotown Library

The Cameron Library

The Mcgill Library



Chilliwack Library

Sardis Library

Yarrow Library



ADHD Book Displays at Coquitlam Public Libraries .

The City Center Branch Library

The Poirier branch Library



Ladner Pioneer Library

George Mackie Library

Tsawwassen Library



Hope Library



The City of Langley Library


Township of Langley

Aldergrove Library

Brookswood Library

Fort Langley Library

Muriel Arnason Library

Murrayville Library

Walnut Grove Library


Maple Ridge

Maple Ridge Library



Mission Library


New Westminister

New Westminister Library Main Branch

New Westminister Library Queensborough Branch


North Vancouver

North Vancouver City Library

North Vancouver District Capilano Branch Library

North Vancouver District Parkgate BranchLibrary

North Vancouver District Lynn Valley BranchLibrary


Port Coquitlam

Terry Fox Library


 Port Moody

Port Moody Library



ADHD Book Displays at Richmond Public Libraries .

Brighouse Library

Cambie Library

Ironwood Library

Steveson  Library

ADHD Book Displays at Richmond Bookstores.

Chapters Richport



ADHD Book Displays at Surrey Public Libraries .

City Centre Library

Cloverdale Library

Fleetwood Library

Guilford Library

Newton Library

Ocean Park Library

Port Kells Library

Semiahmoo Library

Strawberry Hill Library



ADHD Book Displays at Yale Public Library.

The Yale Library


West Vancouver

West Vancouver Memorial Library

White Rock

White Rock Library