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Third Annual BC ADHD Awareness Week 2014. Summary Of What We Accomplished

FYI: BC ADHD Awareness Week 2015 will be from October 12th to 18th. Want to help make it happen? 

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Final BC ADHD Awareness Week 2014 Badge with URL

Thanks to our volunteers for making this week happen.  Andrew, Barb, Chris, Christopher, Hazel, Jade, Jennifer, Kat, Maggie, Marc, and Paul. And thanks to Mike for his $500 donation which allowed us to print the posters and support group brochures and the adult ADHD screener test to metro Vancouver libraries and bookstores.

Also thanks to the members of the Vancouver Adult ADD Support Group who helped out with donations.

In 2003 we had ADHD books displays at 78 Libraries and bookstores throughout 23 cities in the Lower Mainland.

In 2014, we went outside the lower mainland and nearly tripled the communities. We had 122 BC Libraries and bookstores in 68 BC communities in every region of BC with BC ADHD Awareness week book displays with ADHD books, books by ADHD authors who have written non add books, and our posters, brochures on both ADHD support groups and the Adult ADHD Screener test.

We had ADHD book displays in every single library region or federation in BC.

North Vancouver declared BC ADHD Awareness Week, the first city to do so and the 3rd city in Canada to declare an ADHD awareness week.

 The BC government declared ADHD Awareness Month, the first Province in Canada to do so. It has been national in the US for more than a decade.

I added more pages and more content to BCADHD now 100 pdfs and links. Added a map of all locations, and got a cool badge for libraries to use and to use on our social media sites by our designer  Maggie J.H. Wang (CGD).

Media Coverage:

Vancouver Sun: Majority of BC’s Workforce Are Afraid To Come Out Of The ADHD Closet to Co-workers Insights West Survey Of BCers Shows.

News 1130:  Interviewed Me On ADHD for BC ADHD Awareness Week 2014

Georgia Straight: B.C. ADHD Awareness Week draws attention to attention deficiencies

Georgia Straight: We Need To Think About ADHD For More Than One Week Of The Year Sarah Blyth

We had an information table at the Richmond Brighouse Library Lobby at 100-7700 Minoru Gate, Richmond, Friday October 17th 3pm to 9pm with brochures on ADHD the 2 support groups and answering questions on ADHD

The Children’s ADHD Clinic at BC Children’s Hospital had a Meet & Greet Oct 15 from 12-2pm at The Kelty Mental Health Resource Center where people could ask clinicians from their program questions on your ADHD child or teen.

Next year consider Ask your doctor/psychiatrist/psychologist who knows ADHD well to consider having an info table to answer questions on ADHD in a local community center and maybe do the adult add screener test (not a full diagnosis, just a screener).

Or ask them to print out our poster and put them up in their office to tell others.

See what you can do to help out for 2015’s BC ADHD Awareness Week

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